Our Company

Coral Stones and Floors – Corpisos S.A., is a solid and efficient organization, dedicated to the production of tiles and Coral Stone. Born 45 years back in the mighty city of Medellín – Colombia, business and industrial center .
Today history is reflected positively in all the aspects of our company; in the attention, experience, quality of our products, services and the fulfillment at our offices.The love for the traditional things lead us to the success in the business, because of the artisan work of the first men, by its beauty and colorful, it has embellished the noblest spaces of several generations; nevertheless the times change, without changing in people the definition and the concept of what is beautiful, of the aesthetic thing.

Assuming the challenge in the present we adapted our company to the contemporary technological exigencies, without leaving the tracks back and the legacy that the passage of time that our products and services have printed in, which in sum, is translated in “kind of perfection”.

Our economic activity consists of the manufacture, distribution and sale of tiles and floors, processed with the widest range of minerals, rocks and extracted marbles of the mines and quarries all over the national territory.In the last years we specialized in the advantage of the coral stone; which comes from old formation rocky, whose marine and natural mineral fossil composition as the limestone gives as result the raw material of majestic beauty, color, texture and resistance, that cutting it in diverse formats, we use in multiple applied designs to coverings for floors and facades, or the artisan work of varied objects such as moldings, borders, vasijas, bases for tables and columns, among others. We have taken this direction according with the strategic location from our plant of production in the surroundings of the heroic city of Cartagena de Indias, who with pride exhibits to the world their walls, bastions, castles and cathedrals, declared with reason by the UN “Historical and Cultural Patrimony of Humanity”, works constructed in this inmortal used coral stone with generosity by the Spaniards in its humongous constructions of the XVI century that until today have lasted intact.